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Team work makes the dream work…

Since inception Calibre has strived to grow and nurture it’s team and 2018 is set to be a year of bringing new faces and roles on board. At Calibre HQ our aim is to build on our already client orientated service structure. The office team works to keep all sites and projects running smoothly from that initial phone call to the achievement of bringing a new contract on board. We are always driving our goals forward and with the above in mind, since January we have brought 3 new staff members on! Our first Business Development manager, Area Manager and an Operations Administrator. These roles will help cultivate new business, build on those new relationships and make sure all services are run as agreed.

This expansion of our team has highlighted a few elements that many companies overlook, and this post highlights the ideas behind these elements.

Calibre is an all hands-on deck company. This means if you can help you will help and if a task you wouldn’t originally take on needs completing you will smile and get on. Nevertheless, it’s vital to remember that your employee’s productivity can be at its lowest when a team member’s role is diluted. That smile and “get on attitude” is fantastic if there is an open communication between the different levels of your business.

Remember job titles are a double-edged sword. They provide context and targets for staff members which is essential for growth, while sometimes if used incorrectly, can simple be the title which sits on a business card or an email signature. We should aim to build roles around the attributes of the individual and not just what is seen to necessary.
We hope to bring these thoughts into action this year, bringing new and longstanding business to the forefront of what we do by developing a team who know our values and goals no matter their role.