Oceane’s Work Experience With Calibre Cleaning

My name is Oceane, I am a student from France and I am doing 8 weeks of work experience at Calibre Cleaning to be an Office Manager.

This company aligns perfectly to my course requirements. Its 8 members are managing their 150 employees to treat their customers’ demands the best way possible. I will be learning to manage the relations of the company with its employees, customers, suppliers and to also manage the procurement of materials and their recycling. Moreover, I will have a project to oversee and take care of from the beginning to the end.

It’s a great opportunity for me to be trained by qualified people and to acquire professional skills in English which would enable me to work on an international level in the future. This is a great challenge for me as it’s my first time completing work experience, furthermore in another language. I will write again about my own experience at Calibre Cleaning at the end of these 2 months.