Commercial cleaning companies lightbulb moment

Thinking of switching?

It’s not always a priority for businesses to actively seek new contracts and certainly it’s not always an easy task to highlight the issues of cleanliness in the work place. At Calibre we aim to help you at every step of the way if you having to move Calibre will liaise with your previous contractor, consult with the current cleaning staff, and make sure the behind the scenes transfer of information is done smoothly and we manage the continuity of service without affecting your business or brand.

Below are a few of our frequently used comments and questions we have to answer when discussing our services.

“We have never had a contract cleaner?”

Many offices employ their own cleaning staff and supermarket shop for cleaning equipment and products. Calibre can provide a turnkey service to take away the hassle of this operation. All commercial cleaning products, no staff issues, 52-week cover.

“I like our current cleaner, but I can’t get hold of the office!”

We hear this a lot and at Calibre it is a thing of the past. Never again will you have to pass messages through on-site cleaners or wait days for a response. With TUPE your cleaner can stay on – and with a designated Area Manager, help and assistance is immediate.

“Our contractor always says one thing and does another”

From the moment Calibre quote, you are supplied with our proposed cleaning schedule, which can be adapted for your needs. Once agreed with head office, the cleaners work with the schedule to make sure all daily, weekly and monthly duties are met without fail. Regular supervisory checks keep the team focused and motivated.

“I’m not sure the cleaners are doing the hours I’m paying for”

Calibre have created our own clocking in and out system we call TimeCloud. Every Calibre team member working on your site reflects our values, they’re honest in nature and use their designated fob when they start and finish, this data is transferred directly to HQ. So, we can track their movements when working for us and feed this back when required.

Whether you need a single cleaner or a complete team, at one, or many locations, our high-quality working practices are matched only by our reliability and resourcefulness. Meticulous planning will ensure your organisation gets the seamless efficiency it deserves.