industrial cleaning services - man using scrubber dryer

Commercial Floor Cleaning

Clean, well-kept floors are not only nice to look at, but also create a safer environment – not to mention giving your floors a longer life.

Deep clean
From small floors to larger floors, a single floor or multiple floors, carpet, vinyl or hardwood, we can bring your floors up to look almost as good as new in some cases.
We have specialist scrubbing and buffing equipment that can strip grime from floors, giving them a deep clean and refresh.

Strip and seal
We offer a specialist floor stripping service, where we scrub the grime off, taking it right back to the original clean as new floor, before re-sealing.
The process can make a floor look as good as new and is a cost-effective way of keeping your high traffic and washroom flooring looking pleasant instead of replacing it.
We offer this service on all vinyl flooring.


Our specially-trained team usually work out of hours; early in the morning, later in the evening, overnight or at weekends to avoid any disruption to your staff and business operations.

Book us for ad-hoc visits or regular maintenance to ensure your floors are always looking their best.