Ashford Borough Council

Client: Ashford Borough Council
Length of contract: 8 years


About the client

Ashford Borough Council has a large premises which houses the offices in the centre of Ashford.
In addition to this, they also manage public conveniences across the town and a portfolio of social housing too.

Scope of work

Council building – we supplement the council’s in-house cleaning team, to support the massive daily clean required after a day’s work. We clean all touchpoints including light switches, door handles and handrails, fully clean and sanitise washrooms, replenish toilet roll and soap, vacuum and mop floors, wipe windowsills, empty bins, wipe down desks, clean kitchen areas and clean glass in doors where needed.

Public conveniences
We visit the town’s public conveniences every day to ensure they are clean to start the day and ready for those who visit. Toilets, basins, mirrors, door handles, flushes and mirrors are all sanitised and left fresh.

Social housing
We have a dedicated team that looks after 1,000 flats across 43 blocks.
Either weekly or fortnightly, depending what is required, we clean the communal areas including vacuuming stairs, mopping floors, cleaning windows, sanitising door handles and light switches, handrails and post boxes.

Sheltered housing
For their sheltered housing, we clean corridors, vacuuming carpets and mopping floors, cleaning kitchens, lounges and guest bedrooms. We do not clean private properties; we clean the communal areas so that everyone feels clean and safe.

We offer all of our clients an extra pair of eyes, to spot any breakages, maintenance issues, safety risks or problems. It might be a broken window latch, overflowing bins, a cracked window or a railing hanging off – it could be anything, but we always let our clients know of anything we spot during our visits.