Office Cleaning

Offering your staff a clean working environment is more important than ever – for many reasons.
We work with our clients to provide the service they require and for some, it’s a two-hour daily clean to wipe down desks, refresh toilets and sanitise the kitchen ready for another day.
For other employers who contract us for cleaning, it’s a bigger or more frequent job to make sure everything is of a high standard for their staff, to:

  • Provide a healthy and safe working environment
  • Show their staff they are valued
  • Minimise infection spread
  • Reduce costly sickness absence by reducing bacteria in the workplace
  • Encourage a tidy and clean work life
  • Create a productive workforce
  • Increase morale
  • Maintain staff retention
  • Offer an enjoyable workplace
  • Make sure staff spend more time working and less time cleaning
  • Provide a clean and reassuring workplace



We agree a task list with our clients and clean daily or weekly, usually out of staff hours, early in the morning, evenings or weekends.
This means we don’t disrupt them and are then responsible for alarming and locking buildings to leave them safe and secure.

  • Office cleaning jobs can include:
  • Desk cleaning
  • Surface wiping
  • Touchpoint sanitising (light switches, handrails, door handles and push plates)
  • Dusting
  • Vacuuming floors
  • Mopping floors
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Toilet / washroom cleaning
  • Window Cleaning

We’re in regular contact with our clients to go through any feedback, tweak what we do to offer a bespoke service and give them the cleaning they need for their staff and premises.