The right person, the right job!

My name is Leanna and I look after the Recruitment and Training at Calibre Cleaning.

I have been working for Calibre for nearly two years now and I didn’t come from a recruitment background, so this role has been an exciting challenge for me.

The best part of my job is that I get to meet such a variety of people from different backgrounds and get the opportunity to meet lots of hardworking, determined individuals who are willing to work typically unsocial hours and do a physically demanding job.

As a company Calibre recognises and appreciates the hard work that the employees do and feel it’s very important to show them that, so we have implemented a ‘Good Job Bonus’ so every individual has the opportunity to gain a bonus for the hard work they put in. This helps create a happy working environment at Calibre and means we have employees that’s have been working for us for many years now.

“I have grown to learn its really important not to ‘write someone off’ because of there CV”

The other part of my role is organising training for staff, so again this means we are ensuring all our employees have the training opportunities they deserve not only to do a professional job for our clients but also to add to their CV when in the majority of cases I have received CV’s from applicants who ‘on paper’ do not sound worth employing at all.

As the Recruitment and Training Coordinator I have grown to learn its really important not to ‘write someone off’ because of there CV and have met and employed some of our most hardworking employees this way. But in return its nice to be able to give them the training they need to gain the confidence and experience necessary to do a professional job and so they aren’t viewed just as ‘a cleaner’ but as a ‘Cleaning Operative’ who has a respected career.

So, if you are looking to join a growing company where you will be rewarded for your hard work and enjoy being part of a ‘family-feel’ company then join Calibre Cleaning! 😊